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NATIONAL rehabILITATION counseling association

Facilitating the fulfillment of human potential and promoting global understanding of inclusivity

2023 Board of Directors

Ian Shadrick, Ed.D, CRC, CVRT 

President Elect
Lee Ann Rawlins-Williams, Ph.D., CRC, CFLE

Past President

David Perry, Ph.D., CRC

Sharon Brown, Ph.D., CRC

Jennipher Wiebold, Ph.D., CRC


Cahit Kaya, Ph.D, CRC

Penny Willmering, Ph.D, CRC, CHP, LPC

Saara Grizzell, Ph.D., CRC

Robert (Rob) Stevens, Ph.D., CRC

Alexander Verbun, M.Ed., CRC

Jeff Whitehead, CRC  

Lebogang Tiro, Ph.D, CRC.

Ellen Tucker Bowden, MA

Student Representative

The NRCA Board has worked diligently on the behalf of membership to reinvigorate the process of clarifying the fundamental beliefs shared by NRCA as an organization, directions to take in the future, and instilling a structure for sustainability for its membership. 

We encourage you to apply to the NRCA Board to help us meet our goal of increasing the diversity of interests, views, membership, and perspectives among the board. 

Get involved! Can we make a difference?  

---  Sí, se puede!

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1958  David E. Young, E.J. Buchanan
1959  Robert A. Lassiter
1960  Harley B. Rigar

1961  Leroy C. Larsen
1962  I.W. Legget

1963  Richard Koebbler
1964  Gordon D. Smith

1965   Charles F. Maine
1966  Richard A. Morris

1967   Dan McAlees
1968  Edwin Chorn

1969  Alton R. Ray
1970  Mary S. Smith

1971  Michael Oliverio
1972  Carl. E. Hansen

1973  Thomas K. White
1974  Betty S. Hedgeman

1975  Anne D. Crumpton

1976  James E. Gray
1977  Philip Chase
1978  Arnold Wolf

1979  Joyce Pigg
1980  Robert Hasbrook

1981  Lawrence Warnock
1982  Henry C.
DeVasher, Jr.
1983  Martha S. Wolf
1984  Martha S. Wolf

1985  Patricia Mundt
1986  Allen Searles

1987  Susan Magruder Pollock
1988  John G. Moline

1989  Ethel D. Briggs
1990  Florence Curnutt

1991  Patricia Nunez
1992  Robert Neuman

1993  Richard Coelho

1994  Madan Kundu

1995 Jack Hackett

1996  Jan LaForge
1997  Joseph Turpin
1998  John Reno

1999  Greg Garske
2000  Win Priest

2001  Lorie McQuade
2002  Christine Reid

2003  Thomas Wilson
2004  Connie McReynolds

2006  Jeanne Patterson
2007  Jeanne Patterson

2008  Charles Palmer
2009  Joseph E. Keferl

2010  Penny Wilmering
2011  Jennipher Wiebold

2012  B. Boland
2013 Pat Decouteau

2014 Connie McReynold

2015  Thomas Wilson
2016  Angela Price
2017  Ian Shadrick

2018  Chrisann Schiro-Geist
2019  Michelle Marmé

2020          Michelle Marmé

2021          David Perry
2022          David Perry

NRCA Bylaws

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