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NATIONAL rehabilitation

Facilitating the fulfillment of human potential and promoting global understanding of inclusivity

Get to Know NRCA

The National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA) champions rehabilitation counseling as a distinct discipline of teaching, practice, and research from which an integrated system of content and skill areas directed toward enhancing the physical, social, and economic inclusion of people with disabilities has developed.

NRCA supports a holistic approach to its mission, welcoming professionals from varying academic fields to share in the development of research, scholarship, best practice, and communication that address expanding opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages to participate in and contribute to the larger community.   

NRCA embraces its self-determination and has expanded its scope to embrace practitioners at all (academic/practice) levels of connection with people with disabilities.  NRCA honors the  highest standards of preparation, practice, and professional conduct for those who assist others in securing their desired social, spiritual, economic, and physical place in society.  Further, NRCA seeks to increase awareness of work in these areas on a global level, so that synergies are recognized and communities of practice are expanded.

The Art of Rehabilitation Counseling was created by Scott Dunnell and produced by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC).  We are grateful to CRCC for allowing us to share this beautiful piece with you.

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