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NATIONAL rehabILITATION counseling association

Facilitating the fulfillment of human potential and promoting global understanding of inclusivity


Our mission is to facilitate the fulfillment of human potential and to promote global understanding of inclusivityNRCA embraces a holistic approach to its mission, welcoming professionals from varying disciplines to share in the development of research, education, intervention strategies, and communication of expanded opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities to participate in and contribute to the larger community.  Further, NRCA seeks to increase awareness of work in these areas on a global level, so that synergies are recognized and communities of practice are expanded.

NRCA is the organization for practitioners, educators, students, and researchers who

  • embrace a strengths-based, goal-oriented and collaborative approach 
  • in their work around empowerment, full employment, and enhancing opportunities 
  • for individuals confronting multiple sources of marginalization.
NRCA is committed to facilitating active exploration and dialogue among practitioners at all levels of academic training.

Approved by the NRCA Board: 2-19-2019

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X, Black Liberation and the Road to Workers' Power

NRCA Bylaws

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