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NATIONAL rehabilitation

Facilitating the fulfillment of human potential and promoting global understanding of inclusivity

NRCA: Respecting Our Roots, Embracing Our Future

The National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, founded in 1958, is the oldest professional organization representing rehabilitation counselors.  As stated by Kirk & LaForge (1995), and re-affirmed by the 2019 NRCA Board, "... the philosophy that led to the chartering of the NRCA still holds true:  rehabilitation counseling is a profession, rather than any particular skill area within the context of general counseling or guidance, that transcends the variety of employment settings, for example, state-federal, veterans, mental health, community based, substance abuse, or hospital programs."  NRCA remains dedicated to the professional development of those committed to maximizing the self-determination and inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of life.

Initially, NRCA was founded as a division within the larger and long-established National Rehabilitation Association (NRA).  At various points in its history, NRCA has held closer and, at other times, more distinct relationships with NRA, reflecting the changing needs of the field.  As recently as 2015, NRCAs reengagement with NRA was considered.  After extensive negotiations during 2016-2017, as well as a trial collaboration period, NRCA leadership found that NRCA and its members would best honor its mission, core philosophies, and history by remaining a free-standing organization. 

In 2019, NRCA embraces its self-determination and has expanded its scope to embrace practitioners at all (academic/practice) levels of connection with people with disabilities.  Further, NRCA reaffirms its commitment to support and disseminate critical research concerning the lived experience of disability.  

Join us as we build upon our firm historical foundation, embrace the values of Beatrice Wright (1960) upon which the field crystallized, and mold the NRCA into the professional organization that supports you in your daily work, your professional development, and your service to your community.


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Wright, B.A.  (1960).  Psychological disability: A psychological approach.  NY, NY:  Harper & Row, Publishers.
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NRCA Mission
To facilitate the fulfillment of human potential and to promote global understanding of inclusivity.

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